Career and Technical Education

Students who complete career and technical education programs are better prepared to make informed college and career decisions thanks to the real-world experiences they have in high school.


Are you passionate about hair design, nail care, skin care and wellness? The Cosmetology program trains students to gravitate towards a career in the salon/spa industry. Students who have a natural inclination to care for people tend to excel in the field of cosmetology. Upon completion of training, students will be eligible to take the New York State Board Licensing Examination in Natural Hair Care and Appearance Enhancement, which covers all areas of Cosmetology. While in training, students have an opportunity to practice their skills on clients in the community, work based experiences and in school. Once students obtain their licenses, they are qualified to provide a variety of personal services that help clients look and feel their best.

Career and Technical Education programs offer you:

  • Classes that teach you skills you will need to be successful in work and life after high school.
  • Teachers who have worked in their career areas and who hold industry certifications and professional licenses.
  • Opportunities for you to earn industry-recognized certifications that can help you to prepare for internships and jobs while you are still in school.
  • Work-based learning experiences like career mentoring, workplace tours, job shadowing, and internships that will help you build professional skills.
  • School partnerships that help you meet adults who are working in the careers you are interested in learning more about.